Staker Hydraulic Specialists is a supplier of a wide range of hydraulic and lubrication system components from the worlds leading manufacturers.

Components supplied include;

    • Fixed displacement gear and vane pumps
    • Variable displacement load sensing piston pumps
    • Gear, orbital, vane and piston type motors
    • Closed loop hydrostatic transmission pumps and motors
    • Agricultural and industrial hydraulic cylinders
    • Lever and solenoid operated directional control valves
    • Check valves, ball valves and flow control valves
    • Screw in and slip in type cartridge valves
    • Proportional pressure and directional control valves
    • Pump drive bell housings, adaptors and coupling sets
    • Hydraulic tube, pipe, fittings and hose assemblies
    • Water and air cooled heat exchangers
  • Pressure and temperature transducers

  • Filter assemblies and elements


  • Thermostatic switches     
  • Pressure switches       
  • Oil level switches



Staker Hydraulic Specialists has a well equipped workshop at Cavan in South Australia.

Our team of service technicians are supported by product specialists and system engineers with many years of experience in the field of hydraulic and lubrication systems.




We have a fleet of well equipped service vehicles allowing us undertake onsite servicing, trouble shooting and repairs in metropolitan and country areas.


Our mobile hose assembly trailer allows us to efficiently build and install hose systems on site.

The trailer is equipped with a wide range of hose, hose ends and fittings.

All hoses are projectile cleaned prior to final assembly ensuring contamination is not introduced into systems being built or upgraded.